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Consolidate your retail technology environment on one single platform


Jungle of solutions, implemented with no consistency or organization

With Beamy

One interface for organizing and standardizing all your solutions

360º view of all solutions

Consolidate all the retail techs of your different departments on one platform.

Provide each user with a full view of all active cloud-based solutions as well as solutions currently in process of implementation.

Centralized management

With one single interface organize the management, implementation and streamline the communication between your teams and the retail techs.

Dedicated Information Sheets enable your teams to view the description, visualize the implementation progress status and the contact information for each solution.

Manage user access

Manage on one single interface the user access for all your retail techs.

Deactivate with one click the access of multiple solutions when an employee leaves the company.

Improve security of your data.


Facilitate the connection of your users to the different retail techs with a single secure autologin.

Eliminate the need of managing a multitude of passwords.

KPI Monitoring

Enable your users to monitor over time the impact of each solution against selected KPIs.